Edelman's Trust Barometer® is an annual global trust survey which measures attitudes about the state of trust in business, government, NGOs and the media. Now in its 16th year, the Trust Barometer, powered by Edelman Intelligence, surveys over 33,000 respondents from 28 different countries. Through the Trust Barometer, Edelman helps its clients better understand the fragile roots of trust and above all, how to navigate these with responsible actions and behaviour – helping their businesses and organisations thrive.


This year at the Netherlands launch, Thomas McNeill, Trust Barometer and Executive Positioning specialist, delivered the annual Trust lecture at Edelman Amsterdam’s office. Where, alongside Michael Stewart and Arent Jan Hesselink, CEO Europe, GM Edelman Amsterdam, he discussed the trust challenges faced by communications today.


Some of the Netherlands’ findings reveal:
‣ Create societal impact in addition to profits through purposeful action
‣ Express your values through honest, ethical engagement in which you share your story
‣ Ignite your most powerful advocate, your employees
‣ Engage cross channel to meet stakeholders, where they are, about what most interests/concerns them

This year’s Trust Barometer reveals a changed dynamic of influence. For companies, authorities and brands to build trust in this environment and bridge the divide between those with influence and those with authority, we’ve identified four imperatives. We’ve identified three calls to action for building trust in an environment in which trust is no longer entitlement of authority and leadership. It must be earned.

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